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David Dewhurst: The True Choice for Fiscal Conservatives

Much has been made in the U.S. Senate race about who is the “proven conservative.” But looking at the facts, there is only one tried and true fiscal conservative in the race, and that’s David Dewhurst. Consider:

  • David Dewhurst cut $14 billion in spending from the most recent budget. With the federal government suffering from record debt, we need someone in the U.S. Senate who has a record of cutting spending, and that’s David Dewhurst.
  • David Dewhurst has balanced the Texas budget five straight times. Since the federal government refuses to balance its own books, Texas needs to send someone to Washington who understands fiscal discipline and knows that we must stop borrowing money from China to pay for programs we don’t need.
  • David Dewhurst became Lieutenant Governor in 2003, and his role in cutting taxes and getting government out of the way paid huge dividends for job creators in Texas. In fact, Texas has been honored with the Best State for Business award by CEO magazine for eight straight years. And as Governor Rick Perry has said: “I think it is inarguable that Texas has created the most enviable economy in America. And David Dewhurst’s fingerprints are all over it.”
  • Notably, David Dewhurst is also a self-made and successful businessman. In the 1980s he helped re-establish Falcon Seaboard as a major energy holdings company, virtually from the ground up. This begs an interesting question: Should Texas send a businessman to the U.S. Senate, or another lawyer?

Ted Cruz likes to say he’s the conservative fighter in the race, but it is David Dewhurst who not only talks the talk, but has walked the walk.

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