Barack Obama and Ted Cruz

In 2008, voters across the country made a huge gamble. They voted for an Ivy League lawyer who had no real record, but who nonetheless was able to give great speeches. His supporters — and the press — absolutely fawned over him, and because he had no legislative accomplishments, his thoughts and intentions were ascribed to him. Likewise, anything he said he wanted to do became the “record” on which he was running.

Sound familiar?

You see, like Barack Obama, Ted Cruz is also an Ivy League lawyer who has no legislative accomplishments. But some people want to overlook that fact because he can give great speeches and seems to say the right things.

Also like Barack Obama in 2008, he is able to claim that he supports or opposes any particular policy because he has no legislative record to confirm or deny his positions.

Didn’t we learn our lesson about electing someone based solely upon what they say, instead of what they’ve done?

Ted Cruz can talk about how he supports lower taxes, how he would balance the budget, and how he is pro-life. But which of the candidates actually has a record of doing that?

David Dewhurst.

In fact, David Dewhurst has cut taxes 51 times. He has balanced the Texas budget five straight times. He cut $14 billion in spending from the most recent budget. And he passed countless pieces of pro-life and pro-family legislation, including a law requiring sonograms before abortions, the Texas version of Jessica’s Law, and legislation defunding Planned Parenthood.

Despite these accomplishments, Ted Cruz and his D.C. special interest allies are spending millions of dollars trying to convince Texans that David Dewhurst is some sort of “moderate” or even a “liberal.” They may try to deny reality, but we Texans know better.

Four years ago, Texans rejected the “all talk” candidacy of Barack Obama. This summer, Texans should support the candidate who isn’t just good at talking about conservatism, but actually has a record of conservative accomplishments.

Because without a record, let’s face it: Ted Cruz, like Barack Obama four years ago, is all talk. And look where that got us?

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