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Conspiracy Cruz

Ted Cruz’s desperate quest for power has become shameless and self-destructive.

At a recent event, Ted was asked whether he thought “Sharia Law” was a problem in the United States. For some quick background, the “Sharia Law” furor is based on the idea — advanced chiefly by the likes of Alex Jones, a 9/11 “truther” — that the Constitution is somehow not the supreme law of the land, and that Muslims can somehow supersede American laws. The assumption is so steeped in conspiratorial lunacy as to render the notion completely bogus.

But what did Ted Cruz give as his answer? “Sharia law is an enormous problem.”

Sadly, Ted’s willingness to embrace conspiracy theories, outright lies, and other nonsense is all too common.

For instance, Ted Cruz recently made a baseless allegation that Governor Rick Perry — who endorsed David Dewhurst, and whom Ted Cruz has called a “true conservative” — only supports Dewhurst to get him out of Texas.

Is there any evidence for this? Of course not.

For his part, Governor Perry responded by saying Cruz’s claim is not only false, but also a “disservice to Texas voters.”

Ted Cruz also claims that people only support David Dewhurst because they “have to.” In classic conspiracy style, Ted says he heard this from “dozens of people” who work with the state legislature, but no names are ever provided. How convenient.

In fact, the Cruz campaign and its Washington D.C. allies have gotten so desperate that they’re now attacking David Dewhurst for using social media. At the heart of their complaint is that David Dewhurst is touting his conservative record, a record of which Ted Cruz is no doubt jealous, but nonetheless must try to smear to obscure his own questionable past.

All of this represents a classic case of desperation. Without a record of his own — and the ever-growing recognition that his attacks on David Dewhurst’s conservative record are phony — Ted Cruz has decided to grasp at straws, and no claim is too conspiratorial or too weird.

It seems Ted Cruz has discovered that it’s easier to invent his own reality than to operate in the real world.

Texans deserve a leader who is prepared to fight for our values, someone who has a record of conservative accomplishments and the ability to focus on issues important to Texans.

Embracing conspiracy theories and relying on baseless attacks are not qualities of a U.S. Senator, and they are certainly not the qualities of someone who wants the privilege to serve the great state of Texas.

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