David Dewhurst: The Right Choice for Texas

With the runoff election just hours away, it’s worth reflecting on the two candidates vying for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.

A single word comes to mind: Contrast.

Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst is a proven champion of conservative values. He cut taxes 51 times, including the largest tax cut in Texas history. He balanced the budget five straight times without raising taxes. He passed hallmark conservative legislation like loser pays, the sonogram bill, and the Defense of Marriage Act. He’s a businessman who, unlike the Democrats inside the Beltway, understands what creates jobs and why things like lower taxes and less regulation are critical to getting Americans back to work.

And as someone who helped rebuild an energy company from the ground up, David Dewhurst knows that President Obama’s “you didn’t build that” claim about America’s job creators is total crap.

Simply put, David Dewhurst has the record that any conservative would envy.

Except Ted Cruz.

Bolstered by millions of dollars from Washington, DC, Ted Cruz has maligned David Dewhurst’s record and tried to pull the wool over Texans’ eyes about all the accomplishments David Dewhurst has (that is, when he’s not trying to run on David Dewhurst’s record, as he has done with the Voter ID law that Dewhurst passed).

Ted Cruz even tried to convince people that David Dewhurst supported an income tax, despite countless fact checkers calling the claim 100 percent false.

This is the contrast in this election. A conservative with a clear record of results, versus a lawyer who has no record of his own, and has thus desperately tried to suggest his opponent’s record simply doesn’t exist. And when Texans didn’t buy it, Ted Cruz called in his buddies from Washington, DC to tell Texans what to think.

We deserve better than that. We deserve someone who doesn’t think the future of our state should be so heavily influenced by people who don’t live in Texas and don’t understand Texas.

And with the national economy still on the brink, we deserve a voice in Washington who actually understands how the economy works. The debt is too big and the economic challenges we face are too immense to put our faith in someone who has simply read the right books and rehearsed a few speeches.

David Dewhurst has been fighting for Texas values his entire career, and there is no question that he would continue fighting for his fellow Texans if he is the next U.S. Senator from this great state.

Let’s send a message to Washington, DC: You can try to run our lives, but you can’t mess with Texas.

Vote David Dewhurst for U.S. Senate on July 31.

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