Who, exactly, is Ted Cruz?

Some might point out that he’s a trial lawyer who keeps an office in Washington, D.C., all the while claiming to run against the “D.C. Establishment.” Ted served as an adviser to the Bush Cheney campaign in 2000, and later worked for two separate federal agencies under the George W. Bush administration. He also once clerked for a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

Others might say he’s “practically lived, breathed and slept politics, politics and more politics for at least two-thirds of his 41 years on the planet,” as the Dallas Morning News has.

He says he’s for term limits for members of Congress, but has refused to commit to hold himself to those limits.

He claims he has a solid conservative record based upon his staunch defense of Texas laws. But it was David Dewhurst who was busy pushing legislation through the Texas legislature — compiling a record as the most conservative lieutenant governor in history and, yes, creating the very laws that Ted Cruz defended.

Of course, Ted Cruz’s legal record isn’t exactly flawless, either. Like when he bungled a Supreme Court case involving Jessica’s Law, a case that the Cruz campaign has shamefully tried to suggest he actually won. Presented with that fact, Ted Cruz hid behind carefully chosen legal wording to defend the fact that he suggested he won the case, when he very clearly did not.

Ted Cruz’s campaign has benefited from millions of dollars in out of state money from D.C. organizations and special interest groups, all the while claiming he’s the “grassroots” choice for Texas. In a previous race, Cruz accepted $250,000 from a gay marriage activist in California.

His campaign, when challenged on his position on amnesty, chose as his first response not to answer the attacks, but rather to play the race card and claim the challenge was motivated by bigotry. Cruz even accused the Dewhurst campaign of believing that “anyone with a ‘Z’ in their name is unelectable” in Texas, all without a shred of evidence in a desperate attempt to change the subject. This appeal to racism is commonly used by Democrats who cannot otherwise answer legitimate criticism.

Ted Cruz has repeatedly claimed that David Dewhurst (and by extension the entire Texas Senate) refused to pass legislation to crack down on sanctuary cities. But even state Senator Dan Patrick says Cruz’s claims are false. In fact, last summer David Dewhurst helped pass sanctuary cities legislation and publicly stated that it was up to the House to pass the same version. When Governor Rick Perry called a special session earlier in the year, Dewhurst explicitly recommended adding a sanctuary cities bill to the agenda.

Ted Cruz has repeatedly accused David Dewhurst of being a “moderate” and “part of the Establishment.” But when it comes to the facts, it’s Cruz whose record raises more questions than answers.

So who is Ted Cruz? Good question. But the answer should not be the next U.S. Senator from Texas.

If you want to make sure that a conservative businessman like David Dewhurst — not an unproven lawyer like Ted Cruz — is the next U.S. Senator from Texas, you can make a contribution to the Dewhurst for Senate campaign by clicking here.

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